Brown Kitchen Designs

Brown Kitchen Designs

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It seems that each of us is partial to a particular color. Our color preferences do affect our decision making and this is particularly significant in a niche like interior design. It is not uncommon to find people who even fix their color choices beforehand and then hunt for ideas and inspiration that use only that particular color scheme. I am not sure if this is a right approach because color is something that you can change around easily if you have a good eye for design and you have a solid concept for the space you are designing for. But so many people find this a bit hard to do and I thought I would start off a series of color based posts.

Kitchen is one space that people are very picky about when it comes to color and I thought I would concentrate on this. And this post would be the first of the color specific kitchen series and we start off with ‘Brown Colored Kitchens‘. The following (brown themed) kitchens are from 3 European kitchen makers – Nolte Küchen, Snaidero and Mobalpa. They are from three different countries Germany, Italy and France respectively so it should be a good mix. ;)

First up, designs from Nolte Küchen

The next four are from Snaidero

And lastly Mobalpa

We wil be featuring a new set of inspirational kitchens based on another colour on our site tomorrow. Be sure to check back! As always feel free to comment/share.

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Watch the video: Brown Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for a Warm, Natural Look (June 2022).


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