Wardrobe Furniture From MisuraEmme

Wardrobe Furniture From MisuraEmme

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Check out this latest catalogue from MisuraEmme which features some new wardrobe furniture designs from 2009 that they have included. Glossy, sleek and well crafted, there is an air of luxury about any of them. Most of them being wall-to-wall, you have a choice between sliding doors, hinged doors and open-layout wardrobes. Stark whites, mirrors, light shades of wood and browns dominate the collection. Though it appears that these wardrobes would cut into a lot of room space, we are not sure many would mind that considering the style they would bring to the room.

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Watch the video: Anacleto Mariani - Salone Del Mobile 2019 - New Two Floor Modern Wardrobe (June 2022).


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