Amazing architectural concepts for World Expo 2012 Pavilion

Amazing architectural concepts for World Expo 2012 Pavilion

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Yeosu hosts the World Expo 2012 and it has already started inviting architects to come up with layout plans. Based on the theme ‘Living Ocean and the Coast’, there are some outstanding ideas presented by some of the best architects in business. Every concept has used the power and beauty of ocean as central to the theme. The awesome imagery sculpted by the architects for this expedition is larger than life and awe inspiring.

Each concept is a fantastic example of combination of science, technology and innovation. The water cube is a great expression of artists imagination of oceans coming alive. The vessel-like structure which can float on the water and the SuperOcean which looks like a part of ocean was raised are some of the many proposal submitted to the team at Expo 2012. Take a look at the design proposals presented by Sebastin J, Ginseng Chicken, PTA and Nicoletti Associati.

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