Fairy Tale Living in Milan Hotel

Fairy Tale Living in Milan Hotel

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Italy has always been embraced for its multicultural happenings, but what Milan is most known for is fashion and design. This hotel belonging to the styles of renowned Moschino, is probably unlike anything you’ve seen. Looking more like a a fun house of fairy tales, this 4 story dream station, Maison Moschino is more than just a luxury hotel and more like a surreal alternate reality. Each room has a theme that indulges the senses by saturating your sight with sensual and illusory dream like images- and the best part is they are all so different and bizarre! So unless you’re a regular, you never know kind of experience you’ll get! From the glowing lamps shaped in the form of a famous Moschino dress, to the cupcake pillows, this hotel leaves nothing to the imagination but paints a vivid one for you.

We just wonder how much a night of vivid dreams like this would cost…

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