Airbnbs Beautiful Offices

Airbnbs Beautiful Offices

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Office Snapshots has the scoop on holiday home rental company, Airbnbs move to new premises. The new space means the team can spread their wings over 25,000 square feet, in airy surroundings designed by Michael Garcia and Farid Tamjidi of Garcia-Tamjidi.The impressive headquarters can be found in Potrero Hill, San Francisco, with light flowing throughout the white open space, maximised by glass dividing walls. Injections of humour are made throughout, and there is a firm nod to the travel links of the company, with map murals and airport reminiscent signage.Sleek Vitra furniture contrasts against traditional pieces to create a home away from home feel, much like the Airbnb ethos. In fact, they have brought several of their listings into the work place, with loving recreations of accommodation from Hong Kong, Berlin and more. These cozy meeting rooms punctuate the professional space with domestic lamps, rugs, cushions, and even a faux window with floor length curtains. With their clients houses sitting right inside their doorstep, no wonder they are one of the webs fastest growing companies.

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