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Retro Poster Prints

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Recent sojourns took us to this neat Etsy shop, ReStyle, which has a fantastic range of fresh poster art prints for us to adorn our walls with. Creator of the posters, Jan Skácelik, of Olomouc, Czech Republic, uses clean lines and layouts, showing a clear background in Graphic Design and Illustration. Along with an unexplained adoration of pugs, Jan Skácelik, or Handz as Etsy customers might know him, has a love of Scandinavian design, mid century modern. A number of his posters celebrate vintage imagery, including a rich collection by Stig Lindberg, Cathrineholm, Marianne Westman, Gustavsberg porcelain, and many more for us to feast our eyes on.Browsing through the gallery you will find humorous letterpress inspired prints, sweet messages hidden in eye charts, and slick retro iconography. Many of the prints have extra color options to allow you to match, or clash, the art print with your decor. With so many fun options of typography and punchy background colors to choose from, we think this collection is a sure hit no matter what you want your artwork to say about your home.

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