Stockholm Attic with Stepped Walls Steep Ceilings

Stockholm Attic with Stepped Walls  Steep Ceilings

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This crisp white apartment in Stockholm is filled with interesting architectural quirks, the first to hit you is the steep slopes of the attic walls that shoot up to a high ceiling, and are cut away to reveal large windows through which light pours into the bright home.

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As you look closer at this open plan residence, you begin to notice wall remnants that remain as low level dividers in the space; they have the appearance of tiny staircases that disappear mysteriously into the wall or off into the ceiling. The unusual brickwork brings charm and interest to the large airy space, and the homeowners have been careful not to overpower the original features with a complicated décor.

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The sloping ceilings are lifted with white whilst the eye is drawn down to a colourful sprinkling of cushions and rugs.

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The tallest wall in the centre of the apartment has been adorned with the eye-catching red and white Fornasetti faces design of Teme e Variazioni wallpaper, from Cole Son; decorating the tallest wall in the attic space draws the room proportions upwards, combating the feeling that the space closes in.

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The remainder of the layout is kept neutral and fresh, expanding the feeling of a light and airy social space.

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