Tech Offices Round Up

Tech Offices Round Up

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We’ve covered so many great office spaces here on home designing that we thought it was about time for a top ten tech office round up; fun meeting rooms you could happily spend all day in, roof top gardens and cool canteens in which to linger over coffee breaks, and workspaces that promote the sharing of ideas and positively breed creativity. Click on any image featured below for more images.

Skype, Palo Alto

Google Offices, London

Google Offices From Madrid, Milan, Munich, Zurich

Microsoft, Rendmond

Google Offices, Sydney

Facebook Offices, Palo Alto

Twitter HQ, San Francisco

Yelp Offices

Airbnb Offices, San Francisco

Yandex Offices

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Watch the video: Tech Roundup Oct 2018 Facebooks new office GoPro Hero 7 Oppo R17 u0026 R17 Pro (June 2022).


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