Luxury Villas In Phuket, Thailand

Luxury Villas In Phuket, Thailand

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This stunning Thai spa resort is Sri Panwa, a five star luxury hotel based in Phuket, where beauty reigns both inside and out. The interior of a Private Pool Villa is filled with classic and contemporary Thai style, for an unfussy yet luxurious hideaway.

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Forty acres of lush, tropical surroundings provides maximum privacy to the dwellers of these villas, and nestled high atop Cape Panwa over one of the worlds most stunning coastlines the holiday homes offer awesome wide stretching views of the Southeastern tip of Phuket.

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High ceilings provide cool living and sleeping spaces, which run into each other for an uncomplicated and comfortable layout.

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A lounge and dining area sit side by side overlooking the deep blue ocean, the interior décor colors are kept soft, natural and neutral so as not to interfere with the existing beauty of the location.

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Decadent bathroom schemes are full of spa charm, with twin marble basins and deep bathtubs, all set against pretty local tile design.

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Generous infinity pools flank the dual level pads, offering a place to take a cool dip under the blazing sunshine, or shaded by the adjacent lush trees.

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