Whimsical Kids Rooms

Whimsical Kids Rooms

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Give your kids sweet dreams by decorating their rooms in a wonderful whimsical style as displayed in these little gems, full of vibrant color splashes, imaginative furnishings, and creative lighting.

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Balloon lights bring all the fun of the fair into a floaty bedroom scene.

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What’s more whimsical than bringing the tree house indoors?

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This soft and towering mattress stack is fit for a princess-and a pea!

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The zigzag shelving in this kids space forms an electric current of color across a neutral wall, complemented by a complimentary cluster of pendant lights.

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The irregular arrangement of this room divider makes for a freeform look in the computer area, whilst doubling up as an extra storage and display area.

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Above 5 via Rusu Ruslan
Try bringing in elements of your child’s hobbies and interests in new ways, such as through upholstery and throw rugs

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Design by Kate Dixon
For those who have a little more space to play with, storage can be as much a piece of art as a practicality, like this Ferris wheel construction for example.

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These circular bookshelves may take up a little more wall space than your average rectangular affair, but the visual wow factor is so much stronger.

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Above 3 via Uglyanitsa Alexander

Paint drip shelving is a really fun look and is easily achievable too, try cutting out a drippy strip from a little MDF-or even thick cardboard if you aren’t confident with power tools-and attaching it to a regular straight shelf for an cheap and instant arty effect.

Looking for more ways to decorate your kid’s room. How about some unique night lights?

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