House in the Forest

House in the Forest

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You dont have to be roughing it on a cold, bug infested campsite to enjoy the wondrous beauty of nature, and you certainly dont have to go without any home comforts if youre lucky enough to own a place like this fantastic forest house.

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Despite its rustic woodland centric location, this home is a stunning piece of contemporary architecture complete with all the mod cons and finesse you might more commonly expect to find at the heart of a city, but has the added appeal of serene green views to cocoon your modern world.

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Outside spaces are utilized as extra dining and relaxation zones to take full advantage of the setting.

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The palette of the entire home has been kept bright and neutral to allow the natural setting to set the hues, like living artwork inside the expanse of black window frames that span the length of the walls.

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The sleek lines of this modern dining suite contrasts against the organic shapes that lie beyond the glass, though a map wall mural connects the décor to it’s surroundings.

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The nature views make this desk area a peaceful and soothing space to work in.

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The wood flooring throughout pulls the beauty of the trees indoors.

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Images via BB Italia.

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