Sparkling Port Melbourne Apartment

Sparkling Port Melbourne Apartment

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This shiny home, designed by David Hicks, is located on the 10th floor of an apartment complex that juts out through surrounding ocean, under sunny skies, at Port Melbourne, Australia.

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The elegant and ornate furniture selection presents an American neo-classical style, and achieves a balanced connection between highly decorative interior elements and inviting home comfort.

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Soft, natural hues have been introduced to the interior via carefully selected pieces, which play upon the panorama beyond the windows; using muted blues, greens and sandy shades to subtly lift the simple white backdrop, the design leaks the beautiful horizon indoors.

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An energetic Dale Frank art painting proudly adorns one of the walls, harboring sophisticated deep-sea tones.

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To amplify the sense of space and light in this impressive home, large expanses of mirror have been installed as edge-to-edge feature walls, and to clad twinkling storage and shelving areas. The reflective surfaces also multiply the sea views coming in from the large dramatically framed windows, to create infinite opportunities to enjoy the oceans beauty from all angles of the home.

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Highly contemporary light fittings add edge to the curvaceous choice of furniture, and match the glamor of the surrounding mirror walls.

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Watch the video: 40954 Nott St Port Melbourne VIC 3207 (August 2022).