Modern Victorian Home Goes Eclectic

Modern Victorian Home Goes Eclectic

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This truly stunning home in Wandsworth, England (image courtesy:JJ Locations) mixes a semi-Victorian facade with an updated modern interior with eclectic vibe. The main living space is one wide open room running the width of the home, it boasts a sleek modern kitchen, full dining area for six plus and a larger living area. The designer started off with a grey and white canvas on walls, ceilings and floors and white furnishings then dropped in unexpected pops of brilliant green, red and black. Modern art portraits of the Queen and Frida Kahlo adorn the walls and add more color. The overall feel of the home is fresh, welcoming with an eclectic edge.

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The colors of the garden are pulled through into the main living area with beautiful results.

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Off the garden is a separate office space enclosed in a new addition.

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A modern painting of Frida Kahlo creates a focal point in the kitchen and living areas.

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A large tulip style modern table and chair set creates a welcoming place to gather with family and friends over a nice meal.

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Greens, reds and blacks make for a dynamic color palette in the main living area.

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A wall of windows opens onto the garden and outdoor living spaces beyond.

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The kitchen is sleek and up-to-date and is unobtrusive in the midst of the living space.

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The little girl’s room holds true to the home’s Victorian heritage with an iron day bed and vintage decor.

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One of four bedrooms, this boy’s room features a map that expands one whole wall. The colors of the map are pulled through from the wall to the bed.

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