New Furniture Designs Come Out of the Closet

New Furniture Designs Come Out of the Closet

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This unusual set of imagery comes to us from the Engineering and Project Team at Brazilian furniture maker Florense, who have presented their brand new wardrobe range, Camerette, in off-the-wall settings composed by Brazilian architect Henrique Steyer, from Albus Design, and photographed by Italian photographer Federico Cedrone.

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We see the unimposing pieces hugging the perimeter of industrial garage spaces and beach shack staging, an unusual approach for bedroom furniture but intriguing nonetheless.

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The collection is described as “a versatile, flexible, laid back and informal line of wardrobes with a distinguished aesthetic appeal, that allow the creation of diverse projects for the most varied lifestyles” and this is achieved by the crisp combination of sleek fronted doors and exciting color ways.

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The pieces come in an array of colors, from masculine black and wood, to pale ice cream hues of mint green and strawberry-ice pink.

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A baby blue finish softens what could appear as an overbearing expanse of closet space.

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In order to connect with a wide audience of potential consumers, Henrique Steyer created the five staging environments in vastly different styles but tied them together with two symbologies: “the door, representing the opportunities the future brings, and objects of desire that are key aspects of the youth’s imaginary, such as the automobile, the wedding dress, the motorcycle, and so on. Thus, working with the repetition of these elements, the photo set reaches out to different crowds.”

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