Shanghai Apartment With Modern Minimalist Flair

Shanghai Apartment With Modern Minimalist Flair

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There are few cities more modern than old Shanghai . there are few cities more built-up. In such a dense, historic, metropolis this house is revered by the Chinese Interior Design Alliance as a modern oasis. Qi, more than just the smallest high scoring play in Scrabble, is fundamental to the integrity of this style of interior design. It is not ostentatious. It is unassuming and uncomplicated. Its philosophy is not lofty, but attainable. It is not everything that opens and shuts. There are no trapdoors, revolving bookcases or hidden high-tech features. It clearly demonstrates that qi need not be an existential ideal revealed only through over-analysis or intense scrutiny. Qi is something that can, and should, contribute to homes on a global scale. These images depict exactly that.

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