Environmentally Innovative Greek Holiday Home

Environmentally Innovative Greek Holiday Home

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If Lamborghini built houses they might look a little like this spectacular holiday home on the island of Rhodes in Greece. In reality this visualization is the brainchild of Hornung and Jacobi Architecture from Hamburg in Germany. Most notable for their profound environmental understanding, Hornung and Jacobi demonstrate its application to an exemplary standard, incorporating various eco techniques such as temperature regulation, through the use of lightweight building materials and harnessing the benefits of hydro-evaporation from the pool that spans the length of the masters quarters. This fittingly modern build also facilitates a chimney effect that flows through integrated cable ducts from the base plate in the garage to a mechanized opening in the roof, effectively cooling the entire house.

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The realization of its environmental objectives being the project’s greatest achievement, the aesthetics easily steal focus and make a memorable first impression. Careful not to dominate the landscape the project’s primary aesthetic objective is to act as a frame for the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. It does this by channeling lines of sight through its own linear composition and promotes cohesion by continuing those lines through its sleek interior that wants not for windows.

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Outdoor furniture, often an afterthought, makes for a considerable portion of the design philosophy incorporated into this space. Elegant, white and lit by reflections of a blue pool, it serves as a link to the heritage of the site and this modern interpretation of a traditional Greek palette is permitted to dominate otherwise naked indoor spaces through the incorporation of glass walls, such as that of the master bedroom.

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