Workspace Designs for Modern Offices

Workspace Designs for Modern Offices

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Todays modern work environments are big on collaboration yet individual work style too. While one worker may be on the go and need to work standing, another might require a more fixed environment with a seated configuration. Many work solutions or work neighborhoods, as they are known, provide versatile high functioning pieces that accommodate individual and team environments in one easy common-denominator design. Here weve chosen some hip modern work solutions from biggies like Herman Miller, Industrial Facility and KEMBO. Find ideas for the workplace for gain inspiration for your next modern home office desk.

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  • Visualizer: Triple D
The ‘Alpha line of ergonomic office furniture from KEMBO offers the user full control over work position with both standing and sitting adjustable heights.

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The ‘Alpha’ desk boasts a high-minded ergonomic design perfect for today’s on-the-go work styles. With a fully adjustable height mechanism, between sitting and standing positions it offers the perfect solution for the modern office.

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As shown here, the ‘Alpha’ desk frees up the perimeter of the work space and offers each opposing user the option to sit or stand.

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The ‘Double’ collection is aptly named as its features are intended for use by two people. It features a four-legged frame with two wood work surfaces separated by a gap in between. A partition can be placed for privacy or kept open as shown.

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Here multiple ‘Double’ work stations are visualized to show a unity between the separate work spaces.

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The height adjusting mechanism is shown here on the ‘Double’ work station.

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  • Visualizer: Industrial Facility
  • Source: Herman Miller
Industrial Facility created the “Locale” dynamic work ‘neighborhood’ for Herman Miller. It encourages a free flow work environment enabling workers to shift between individual and collaborative, social work activities.

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All pieces are height adjustable to accommodate both standing and sitting activities. The “Locale” line contributes to seamless work experiences for today’s modern work environments.

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The work system’s centralized structures and cantilevered surfaces allow people to move and change positions naturally, even fast and frequently as need be.

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This double work station is part of the ‘Locale’ collection from Herman Miller. The side by side desks offer quick collaboration between team members while insuring each has the option to work standing or sitting.

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