His and Hers Apartment Interior Design by Angelina Alexeeva [Visualized]

His and Hers Apartment Interior Design by Angelina Alexeeva [Visualized]

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Traditionally, when one thinks of a bachelor pad, a vision of empty pizza boxes, sparse furnishings, and entirely too much plaid comes to mind. Thankfully, a wave of more sophisticated bachelor apartments has become the norm and interior designers like Angelina Alexeeva have given new life to masculine spaces.Take for instance this lovely Moscow apartment, which showcases modern shapes and plenty of clean lines.

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A neutral color palette dominated by grays, whites, and black lend a sleek edge to the space, while interesting shapes, like a curvy light fixture and industrial furniture accents add dimension.

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Hidden storage in the wall closets ensure plenty of space for any bachelor’s belongings, while keeping things organized.

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Pops of red compliment an otherwise neutral palette. We also love the addition of texture throughout the space with cozy rugs, smooth leather, and crisp linens.

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In the bathroom, the mix of stones is truly remarkable. Keeping with the neutral palette, the bathroom offers a unique use of texture with soft plush rugs juxtaposed to both smooth and rough materials. We love the contemporary look and the clean silver accent pieces.

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The bachelor pad has certainly come a long way, but modern design like this isn’t limited to just spaces for men. As a perfect example of his and hers styling, we’ve also included another apartment by Angelina Alexeeva that is much more feminine but still showcases stunning interior design at its best in a space that’s designed for one.

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This space, like the previous bachelor’s apartment, is all about neutrals paired with textures. This apartment uses a much softer neutral palette, with plenty of light teals, grays, white, and pops of warmer tones, as seen in the living space above. Textures abound through the use of a variety of fabrics and the chevron rug is a look that is both striking and simple.

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The open floor plan and whitewashed brick keep the clean feeling consistent throughout every room, letting natural light take center stage. This space feels so fresh, yet it does not lose its softness.

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The captivating use of texture even carries through to the tablesetting. Pine cones, woven runners, glass, porcelain are combined together beautifully, along with woven chairs and natural wood.

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In the bedroom, there’s a beautiful mix of old and new. Antiqued picture frames, a tufted headboard, and an interesting woven rug lend vintage glamour to the space, while industrial metal accents and rough gray walls give a little edge to the softness. Simply exquisite.

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Doesn’t this chair look like the perfect place to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book?

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In the bathroom, it’s all about creating a space that’s peaceful. The soft grays and clean white that is seen throughout the apartment continues into the space, but minimalist furnishings and an interesting botanical turn this room into a work of art. The curve of the tub, use of smooth stone,and the pop of color from the tree invoke thoughts of a stone garden in Japan.

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Two very different apartments, but both share Angelina Alexeeva’s striking sense of design, use of neutral palettes, and minimalism to reinvent the single man or woman’s space.

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