Synergistic Modern Spaces by Steve Leung

Synergistic Modern Spaces by Steve Leung

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Contemporary style advocate and architect/interior designer Steve Leung creates amazing modern living spaces around the globe. He and his team of 350 high caliber creative professionals put their spin on todays hip modern lifestyle  from their offices throughout China. Their designs are filled with luxurious furnishings and unexpected architectural elements, no two are alike, each excitingly unique. Weve curated a collection of our favorite Leung works from minimalist bedrooms to dining rooms overflowing with luxury.

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Asian influences give this handsome dining room an exotic repose with artisan crafted screen, lively artwork and dramatic lighting.

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This chic and elegant home office would inspire creativity and the desire to work in anyone. A chocolate palette highlighted with crisp white makes for a lovely decor.

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A warm white palette exudes an invitation to sit, relax and converse in this naturally lit living space.

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The view of the coast and sea beyond is well framed with a surround of large windows in this warm and welcoming modern living space. A grouping of chairs and sofas offers an inviting conversation area.

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The dramatic diamond pattern tile floor offers an optical illusion of sorts, drawing the eye out toward the city skyline beyond the large open living space.

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An oversize white linen sectional takes center stage in this open space living/dining space. An unusually low coffee table sits on a deep pile area rug.

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A large mural depicting a barren winter forest sets the mood in this contemporary living room. Warmth comes into play with warm wool upholstered sofa, velvet pillows in chocolate brown and grasscloth wall covering.

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Texture fills this modern grey and black living space with deep pile area rug, velvet sectional sofa, toss pillows in a myriad of feel good fabrics, and a raw coal-like accent wall.

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A dynamic rug in an Asian lotus design adds movement and drama to this penthouse apartment bedroom. A large oversize armchair and ottoman offers a wonderful place to relax.

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This bedroom is a testament to the welcoming simplicity of black and white.

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Rich colors mixed with crisp white and mid-tone neutrals provide a luxurious yet relaxed feel in this master bedroom suite. A gorgeous waterfall chandelier hangs in the background.

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A common element in all of Leung’s bedroom designs is atmospheric lighting. Here he illuminates the bed and media center display with recessed spotlights.

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