Modern Lake House by John Robert Nilsson

Modern Lake House by John Robert Nilsson

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Overby House sits high on a Varmdo island cliffside overlooking the Baltic Sea. Designed as a summer getaway by John Robert Nilsson, the modern holiday house reflects the Swedish minimalist design aesthetic beautifully with clean forms and lines, pristine white palettes and natural light wood accents. The houses exterior was created using large expanses of glass for its walls welcoming in the daylight and surrounding seaside landscape to its interior. The interior features organic limestone, silvery white ash wood, and white lacquered steel elements. The result is a glorious study in architecture which blurs the lines between indoor environments and nature.

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A cozy fire pit furnished with comfort-minded seating provides a getaway at the end of a long day spent on the beach.

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With no distinction between indoors and out, the house’s glass walls welcome nature in allowing light to flow through its rooms.

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An infinity pool appears to spill over into the sea beyond.

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The house’s remote location makes window coverings even in the bedrooms unnecessary as seen here in the light-filled master bedroom.

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A steep winding staircase runs down the cliffside to the beach below

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The interior living spaces boast furnishings in pristine white effecting an ethereal palette that bounces sunlight around the room.

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Dark wood constrasts beautifully with the home’s lighter elements thus anchoring the space.

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The master bathroom is a testament to the beauty of minimalist design with texture and light leading its decor.

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