Hawaiian Oceanfront Mansion With Spectacular Views And 50m Lap Pool

Hawaiian Oceanfront Mansion With Spectacular Views And 50m Lap Pool

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This beautiful oceanfront home is located in the Waikaumalo-Maulua Homesteads on the Big Island in Hawaii. The sprawling estate was constructed from the best materials available and is designed to last for generations. Additionally, the home features unparalleled athletic facilities and is fully accessible for the handicapped, making it a comfortable and luxurious home for the most diverse of families.

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Because life in Hawaii inevitably means hopping from island to island, the rooftop deck is large enough to accommodate helicopter landings for the ultimate in interisland convenience.

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Photos cannot truly do justice to this massive, beautiful concrete home. From every angle, it is luxury and Hawaiian elegance.

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Neutral furnishings and fixtures don’t detract from the natural beauty that comes streaming in from outdoors. The central elevator truly makes the home standout for any family facing disabilities.

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Located on the pool level of this three-level mansion is a game room, including billiards table along with a fully equipped wet bar and two guest suites.

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A gourmet kitchen offers professional facilities for visiting chefs or the homeowners themselves if they are so culinarily inclined.

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An Olympic-sized pool has three lanes as well as starting blocks, but the aquatic facilities do not stop there. The house also has a deep diving pool with a springboard and a shallow kiddie pool for youngsters to enjoy. Of course, anyone who would prefer saltwater is only a few steep steps from the ocean.

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The views from every level of the home are spectacular, including sweeping panoramas from the master suite that looks out onto the Pacific as well as a nearby waterfall. Hence the name of the home: Waterfalling.

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