A Small Apartment with Big Dreams

A Small Apartment with Big Dreams

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When faced with the design of a relatively small apartment, our inspiration might become a little squashed within the limited dimensions. This home however, visualized by Sergey Baskakov, shows us how to dream big in our modest homes; floor space may cost a lot, but creativity is free.

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The wall letters in the bedroom set the tone for the rest of this homes interior, and this is an idea that can be adapted to suit anyones mantra. This one looks great when teamed with the silhouettes of birds in flight, and the imagery of inspirational city scenes.

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A huge frameless mirror takes up most of one wall which makes the room appear bigger and brighter whilst almost going unnoticed.

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The flatscreen television has been mounted with its fixings straight through the wall mirror, meaning the power cable and socket can be recessed into the wall and hidden behind the glass for an uncluttered look.

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The double bed has been situated closer to the window, rather than directly in the center of the room, to create space for a small reading couch and coffee table. By creating an extra use for the room the space feels much bigger and more luxurious.

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A floating vanity unit means more of the floor area is visible, and this in turn gives the illusion of a greater sized bathroom. A unit with storage is a better use of the wall than a simple basin shelves as this will provide an organizational station for cosmetics and towels. An over bath shower solves the problem of shoe-horning in a separate cubicle, and the clear glazed screen keeps the area simple and see-through.

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You may think that a bold and glamorous tiling design is reserved only for large and sprawling suites, but by creating a striking visual you can trick the beholder into seeing a far more impressive space.

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A nearby shower head transforms a toilet into a bidet in one small corner.

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Wall mounted accessories keep the floor clear of clutter, and a full length mirror here repeats the trick of visually increasing the space and light.

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The backsplash shows a sprawling city scene behind a dining table that has been chosen for its circular shape, making it easy to move around it.

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