Homes with a Colorful City Vibe

Homes with a Colorful City Vibe

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These two homes, both visualized by Denis Svirid, are edgy little numbers that have been scattered with eye-catching elements and vibrant key pieces. They layouts of each place are both fun and functional, and adaptable to many different types of home. Take a look and get inspired to add a little urban flavor to your own space.

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The first of this duo of designs is a home in Kiev, which has a feminine feel without resorting to the all too overused pink and sparkly, or fuzzy red love hearts, though this visual does have a funky lipstick-red current running through it that has been clashed with purple-pink and a zesty splash of orange. The apartment was designed for a young girl “living in the rhythm of the ‘Big City”.

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A striking design feature has been created with the creative pinning of a bright-red lamp flex, which stands out superbly against a slate gray painted wall.

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The built-in sofas keep the furniture in neat proportions, making the most of a limited floor space where low coffee table takes centre stage.

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A kitchen breakfast bar runs directly behind the seating.

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Contrasting patterns and colors make a fun design statement in the bedroom.

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Even the bathroom scheme receives a color burst.

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Our second visualization cools down pink hues with some cooler shades of blue. The oversized mid century modern clock centers the eye without distracting from the eclectic decor elements that surround.

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Smooth white kitchen and dining areas take on a whole new dimension with the addition of azure elements, and a reflective backsplash and countertops compliment the water palette perfectly.

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Thin lines of red cut through the space to add a little heat.

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In the bathroom an extruded tile design brings swathes of texture.

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Another bathing suite is slick with marble slabs and recessed displays.

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The frosted fronts on these cabinets allow the contents to be seen for quick retrieval whilst smoothing over the clashing colors of the mismatched packaging.

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