Beautiful Attic Apartment with Clever Design Features

Beautiful Attic Apartment with Clever Design Features

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The key to great interior design when it comes to small spaces is being able to use the same space for more than one purpose. In this top floor apartment, located just outside of Warsaw, the designers at 081 Architects have been able to do just that. From a stylish dressing area tucked into the dining room to built-in custom wine storage, every square foot of the apartment is useful, organized, and beautiful.

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This overall view shows us most of the main living area, including the small dining nook, modern gray futon and narrow study area.

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With futons, you always have the danger of giving off a dorm room vibe, but this one is simple and clean, which goes a long way towards making it look grown up.

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A small coffee table houses books underneath to maximize space further.

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By creating a long desk area underneath the slanted attic windows, the designers also deliberately make more storage space.

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The coffee table prevents the futon from opening up for sleep…

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…until it rolls away underneath that desk along the wall.

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A skylight just above the work space is perfectly inspiring.

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A small round dining table is nestled into one corner of the main room, but it can be expanded with a leaf for guests.

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In the child’s room we see even more evidence of clever storage, starting with the way the bed is tucked under the wall-to-wall desk. The creative map decal is also worth mentioning.

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Electric green accents give this room a youthful feel but an overall white and gray palette ensure it meshes easily with the rest of the home.

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Tall closets and modern bookshelves complete this kid’s retreat.

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Due to the minimal square footage and the slated ceilings, the pale blue kitchen actually had to be split into two parts.

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One side includes a white brick accent wall and small stove.

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While the other half of the kitchen includes a portable a built-in wine cabinet.

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A mobile storage unit can also double as seating for guests.

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Even the entryway has its contributions to clever storage with a wall-mounted shoe rack.

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The bathroom is simple in black and white.

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Rough stone floors have a really interesting look in the incoming sunlight from another skylight.

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Despite the narrow size, there is still ample counter space for daily rituals.

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