A Beautiful Melbourne House That Connects With Its Exteriors

A Beautiful Melbourne House That Connects With Its Exteriors

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One of the most difficult challenges that architects and designers can face is the task of keeping the historic look and fixtures in older buildings while also paying heed to modern design elements. The architects at Australia’s Techné Architecture and Interior Design have taken on that challenge with this house in the Fitzroy suburb of Melbourne. Take a look inside to see how the team has managed to breathe a contemporary and vibrant style into this old home, making it the perfect space for a young and growing family.

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The photos in this post focus on the rear addition to the house, which includes three levels, beginning with this open and sunny living area.

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A modern kitchen, complete with a hightop breakfast table and dark, natural wood accents is sleek and simple.

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The colors are largely neutral but carefully chosen splashes of colors in the throw pillows, footstools, and crazy cool hanging light fixture keep the room feeling youthful and livable.

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Here we get a glimpse into the front part of the house, where the interior stays true to the historic facade. Embossed wallpaper and intricate carpets use a palette of days gone by while modern furnishings make for an interesting mix n’ match.

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An upstairs bedroom utilizes a gorgeous deep red wood as its accent wall and leaves space for a private, sunny bath.

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The older part of the home opens up to the addition almost as if you’re stepping through a portal into the future. The bookshelves surrounding the double doors are a lovely touch.

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Exposed ceiling beams and creative windows add to the modern flair of the back addition.

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The kitchen is glorious with its black and white motif and contemporary fixtures. Cooking in an historic kitchen might sound quaint, but could get old quickly. Not so in here.

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The outdoor spaces don’t skimp on luxury, either. The dangling egg chair and outdoor dining area are perfect for an autumn night.

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The view from the back of the house barely betrays the older facade and takes on a life of its own.

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