A Super Small Apartment That Adapts To Its Owners Needs

A Super Small Apartment That Adapts To Its Owners Needs

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When a sociable urban couple moves into an apartment thats just 35.7 square meters (384 square feet) there are a lot of questions for their chosen interior designers. Who are they? What is their personal style like? How many friends do they have? Do they like to go out or stay in? Are there any babies in their future? (Things can get personal pretty quickly).In this apartment, the design team at The Goort had no trouble taking all these answers into consideration and creating a versatile and stylish space. The apartment, located in Mariupol, Ukraine, is somewhat small but the furnishings and storage options give the couple many different configurations to choose from. This minimalist apartment gives the popular pair space to host dinner parties, movie nights, and even overnight guests.

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The height of the apartment lent itself perfectly to a lofted design, which really maximizes the space options. The building once housed the printing press for city’s first newspaper, before it became a standard apartment and then took on this lofted design. The bedroom, a private space, is open and bright but still entirely removed from the main living area, where the action is. The two spaces are connected by a simple and safe stairwell.

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In its standard configuration, the main living space is perfectly accommodating for a pair lounging at home. The exposed brick roots the home firmly in its post-war, repurposed building while new wood flooring brings a modern sophistication.

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A television can be a troublesome design element, so in this case the designers went with a projection system. The screen easily rolls up and out of sight, then pulls down for movie night with a few friends.

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What looks like matching kitchen cabinets actually holds everything a modern kitchen space could need including range hood, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and oven. But it does so in a non-intrusive way.

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Oversized custom cabinets in the living area hold the secrets to the apartment’s other configurations. Larger furniture slides out of the way to make room for a folding formal dining table and chairs or to free up floor space for dancing or a sleepover.

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See how the layout adapts to different occasions and purposes.

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Here is quick video that shows off the versatility of the apartment.

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