Wondrous White: Three Lofts with Clean, Bright Interiors

Wondrous White: Three Lofts with Clean, Bright Interiors

White is a reflection of all colors. So when something is white, it is not actually lacking in color but rather it is every color. The lofts featured in this post take full advantage of the unique possibilities afforded by large swaths of white. From walls and shelves to dangerously white furniture and floors, these interiors have never met a glass of pinot noir they were afraid of or a muddy shoe they could not tame. Take a look inside these creative homes and imagine your own life in white.

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  • Visualizer: DovilÄ— LevinskaitÄ—
The first stunning space is a multi-level loft with sky high windows. Bare bulbs dangle from long wires, lighting up the main living room like fireflies at night while sun streams in and across the beachy inspired furnishings and chevron striped throw pillows by day. Of all the impressive features, you cannot help but be drawn to the stunning second floor library, where white shelving reaches the ceiling and is stacked high with beautiful books.

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  • Visualizer: Denis Khramov
The second loft from visualizer Denis Khramov is more horizontal than the first option. The long space is reminiscent of an airplane hanger and feels even bigger due to the subdued whites and grey throughout the home. The corrugated metal roof is painted white as are the exposed beams and walls. The floor is a reflective white tile, letting light from the overhead fixtures as well as the wide windows bounce off of it.

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The lofted workspace in this apartment is not white, but certainly worth mentioning. What better way to get some work done than to remove yourself from your normal plane of living and perch up above your kitchen at a lofted desk.

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  • Designer: Sam Habbaba
The final loft in this post is smaller than either of the other two. It is located in Amsterdam and comes from designer Sam Habbaba. It almost fits between the first two looks. It has some of the beachy vibe of the first huge home but a lower ceiling and a longer space. It is the least industrial option as well, with comfy white furnishings, low ceilings, and lovely views of the city below. This truly feels like a home that could be lived in, even if you might need to hire a live-in maid.

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