A Bright Home With Lots Of Storage-Friendly Space

A Bright Home With Lots Of Storage-Friendly Space

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Sometimes, its all about finding the best way to make an existing space work for you. In the case of this apartment located in the city center of Sofia, Dont DIY Studios took on the task of creating a contemporary living space. It needed ample storage, smart use of design features to minimize clutter, and an advantageous design to maximize the natural light available.Wed say its a success. Lets explore, shall we?

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The living room features a bespoke plywood table that can also perform duties as a workspace or a dining table.

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  • Designer: Dont DIY Studio
The space can easily go from work to play and back again, based on the design choices made.

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This cozy seating area is a welcome spot to just relax and reflect.

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There’s plenty of white multi-functional storage furniture to hide shoes, clothes, and even the washing machine of the owner.

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A black rotating Jean Prouve Vitra swing arm wall lamp hovers over the sofa area, creating a unique visual point.

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A large picture window gives a lovely view of the outdoors.

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While not large, this living area offers ample room for entertaining comfortably.

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The white wall in front of the seating area actually serves as a projection screen for movie and TV viewing, which is a unique use of that particular space.

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The light blue Scandinavian sofa contrasts against the exposed brick wall that was painted white.

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Here, you can see the fully concealed kitchen, blending into the surrounding walls.

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The built-in kitchen makes use of plywood and is unique in that it’s fully concealable behind sliding doors, also painted in the same white as found throughout the space.

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The chevron of the wood flooring creates an interesting visual that can be found throughout the space.

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Along the same area as the built-in fireplace, you’ll also find appliances and an air conditioning unit.

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A small fireplace was built into a large white cabinet, giving light to what was the darkest area of the space.

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And like other design choices throughout the space, the bedroom combines together the bespoke with the purely modern. A perfect balance.

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The sleeping area is all white and has a large built-in wardrobe along the walls. The bed is bespoke and made of plywood.

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The wardrobe area can be reached by walking through a large sliding white door. It also acts as a sleeping area for the owner’s pet.

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Using white epoxy resin, a flooring strip leads you into the bathroom while separating the living and bedroom areas.

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This vibrant shelf holds carefully curated belongings, ensuring the space feels free of clutter.

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The vestibule of the apartment was enlarged.

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There’s a yoga deck built of gray granite, as well as a winter garden to lend freshness and life to the space. A little escape.

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In addition to expanding the vestibule, the apartment’s former kitchen was also modified into a wardrobe to give the occupants additional storage.

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Smart storage abounds in this contemporary living space.

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Bespoke shelving allows for attractive storage of media.

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The ceiling in the apartment was also lowered to hide ventilation ducts that needed to be added to the kitchen.

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The bathroom is clean, minimal, and bright.

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The floor plan shows the care put into the design for not only space considerations, but for function as well.

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