Similarly Simple Designs with a Bright and Cheerful Tone

Similarly Simple Designs with a Bright and Cheerful Tone

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There is nothing better than being able to feel truly at home where you live. When you arrive back there after a long day at work, or an extended vacation, it should be exactly as you want it to be. In these two homes from designer Juliya Butova, you can see the simplicity and they joy that radiate forth from the interior elements. Clean lines, simple but cheerful color palettes and comfortable materials and textures turn these spaces into truly welcoming homes and ideal areas for relaxation, rejuvenation, and ultimately for living a happy life.

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The first home takes a simple color palette and creates a varied and beautiful space. The simplicity cannot be confused with simplistic, since the colors are actually used quite strategically. Dark gray upholstery covers the sofa, making it much less intimidating than a lighter color might be, while white walls allows light and sun to dance across every surface and truly open up the home. Yellow is used as a cheery accent color, giving the design a sweet burst of energy.

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The color palette extends into the bedroom where the yellow is a bit muted by texture. This lets the throughline of the design continue without creating visual noise in what should be a relaxing space.

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A simple bathroom with elegant tiling completes this space with a calming and necessary room.

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The second home is not all that different from the first. Muted browns and silky yellows are once again used in concert for what becomes a natural and almost celebratory palette. An indoor tree in this home manages to extend the early elements of the design.

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Wood is a bit more prominent in this home, from the hardwood flooring planks to the suspended staircase and custom shelving in the bedroom.

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This design also features a cozy room for an older child or teenager that includes some spectacular custom shelving, creative wall decals and a comfortable home working space.

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