4 Awesome Small Studio Apartments With Lofted Beds

4 Awesome Small Studio Apartments With Lofted Beds

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Using a lofted bed design can be a great way to save room in a small apartment if there is enough vertical space. By putting on another level, the entire living area can be expanded while the space under the lofted bed is used for furniture or storage. Not to mention, lofted beds can actually be extremely cozy, with the enclosed area being very dark and comfortable for getting a good nights sleep. In this post were featuring four different apartments that each have their own take on the loft bed. While the designs are unique, each takes full advantage of the extra space and design options that a lofted bed affords, from creative storage to more room for entertaining and full focus on natural lighting. Lets look inside these four awesome spaces.

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  • Via: Zoku
The first space is actually a model of a home/office hotel concept called Zoku that is slated to open in Amsterdam later this year. The Zoku loft measures 24 square meters (258 square feet) and is all about intelligent use of space. Designed to have enough flexibility that working professionals can stay for extended periods, work comfortably, and even entertain clients when necessary, this loft has to cover all the bases. The King size bed is hidden behind a creative wood slat wall, tucked away from sight. This lets anyone entering the loft focus on the common living areas, from the kitchen to the dining room. The live/work space also features bicycle storage and cozy work areas that are ideal for creatives.

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  • Visualizer: Anna Denisova
The next studio has a much more minimalist design than the Zoku loft. The visualization is of the interior of the home of a famous illustrator, which is why the design elements are unique with a focus on graphics, while maintaining a certain cleanliness. The lofted bed here is actually open, but because the lofted platform is much bigger than the bed itself, there is little danger of falling during the night. Arched windows and colorful art completed the interior underneath the loft in a stark and stunning way.

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  • Visualizer: Max Zhukov
Another St. Petersburg apartment, this compact space has its loft high towards the vaulted ceiling. This apartment design is a transformation of a historic building, built in 1912, and some of the chosen elements reflect that classic style. The intricate molding as well as the use of copper piping has a distinctly vintage feel while still taking full advantage of the new floor plan.

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The final apartment is a cozy space in Gothenburg, Sweden that measures 29 square meters (312 square feet). The setup is similar to many college dorm rooms with a vaulted bed and a small office area underneath. The rest of the square footage is carefully dedicated to a small kitchen, dining area, and rather spacious living room that is nestled against the large window for lots of natural light during the day.

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