A Sculptural Cliffside Home With A Breathtaking Tropical View

A Sculptural Cliffside Home With A Breathtaking Tropical View

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Aptly named The Edge, this cantilevered Queensland home seems to hover over the steep tropical cliffs of Flagstaff Hill, soaking up a beautiful view of Four Mile Beach where the rainforest meets the reefs. Designed by Charles Wright Architects, this award-winning property recently made big waves when it hit the market, available fully furnished and ready to provide a lucky buyer with an endless supply of picturesque views and impeccable accommodations. Before you start packing your sunglasses and sandals, lets take a look at what makes this architectural masterpiece a delight to experience, inside and out:

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This glossy cement-clad structure embraces its tropical location with natural cross-ventilation, and in the drier months, the evaporative effects of a cascading infinity pool helps to cool the living spaces. Visually, those crisp cerulean waters provide a seamless boundary between the airy interior and its 180-degree view of the Coral Sea.

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Decor inspiration abounds. Bright white furniture and steel fixtures are interrupted only by the occasional pop of blue decor, creating a sense of continuity with the aquatic focal points. A contemporary rounded sofa echoes the shape of the bay, and the surrounding trees are reflected in the intricate Forest armchairs by Janus et Cie.

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To obtain such a breathtaking view, Charles Wright Architects had to work within stringent restrictions set by local building codes. The property is located just below a public lookout point, and council mandates required that the structure could not obscure the view of the beach below. Dedication to sustainability helped guide the innovative architectural choices that make this home such a unique part of the landscape.

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One must simply walk along the pool to find a weightless cantilever daybed on which to relax after the day’s festivities.

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The home includes a secondary suite for visitors who travel to stay overnight… and who wouldn’t want to see the sunrise in a location as beautiful as this?

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Golden-hued cove lighting illuminates any area not already drenched with sunlight.

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In contrast to the rough concrete of the ceiling and structural walls, rich marbled stone adds a touch of luxury to every working surface. This gorgeous material graces every tabletop, countertop, and interior wall to great effect. Cabinetry is finished in bright glossy white.

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While the photos are truly spectacular, moving through the space is the only way to truly experience the unfolding dynamic views and intriguing plays on perspective. Here’s a complete video walkthrough of this majestic house, complete with closeups of details not easily observed in the photos:

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