Warm Industrial Style House (With Layout)

Warm Industrial Style House (With Layout)

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This city house in Minsk, Belarus, is 151m2 of modern loft style. Designed by VAE, the interior is decked out with metal and concrete industrial features, softened and warmed by generous amounts of wood tone. Grey and green is the colour palette here, and much of that greenery comes in the form of large leafy potted plants that add a calming natural look to the scheme. The industrial decor of this home achieves a welcoming and comfortable look thanks to plentiful soft furnishings and interesting moments of strong pattern. Take this home tour to see more instances of how the cool industrial trend can be homey too.

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In the open plan living space, a grey modern sofa ties in with the hue of the concrete on an adjacent wall. Though the sofa is of a simple linear design to suit the no frills decor, it is stuffed with cozy cushions. The throw pillows are the first moment of jade green on entering the home, and this colour story can be seen to continue over in the dining area opposite. A huge portrait mural fills an alcove, adding a quirky arty feel to the room.

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The coffee table in front of the sofa has a black metal frame to match the staircase balustrade in the background. A decorative vase of fronds adds a another shade of green to the jade and grey palette.

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The stairs are bare wood in continuation of the flooring.

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The lighting options all have a distinct industrial vibe, almost all are comprised of black metal and many are track mounted. The many lighting installations and tall windows give this home a bright and spacious feel.

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The Husk chair, by Patricia Urquiola, makes a comfortable reading chair over in the lounge. Two black dining chairs head each end of the dining table, teamed with six dining chairs that are upholstered in a shade similar to the throw cushions on the sofa behind. Another pot of leafy decoration adorns this tabletop.

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A low console against the chimney-breast holds a store of logs for the woodburning fire and shelves a few ornamental items below the TV.

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Over the table are two geometric dining room pendant lights. The frames are large and impactful but thin enough not to appear overbearing or block out any of the natural light from the windows.

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A centrepiece of candles on the dining table creates a twinkly atmosphere, and a tray holding a teapot and stack of mugs tell us this is a social space day and night. The fruit bowl holds a colourful stash of lemons that adds zing to both the drinks and the table decoration.

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The wall mounted television could be viewed from both the lounge and dining areas.

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Moments of concrete take the comfortable decor back to the industrial style.

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An L-shaped run of grey base cabinets stop at double height wooden units that house the oven.

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What initially appears as a bulkhead of sorts is actually a built-in wine holder.

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The backsplash in the kitchen is an installation of intricate patterned tiling, bringing a beautiful rustic feel to the prep and cooking area. More wooden cabinets are found here in the form of exposed kitchen shelving and double banked wall cabinets. The exposed duct around the ceiling adds to the industrial style.

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Copper pans and cooking utensils warm and brighten the look over the black kitchen worktop. Potted herbs over by the window are useful and pretty.

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At the top of the stairs we encounter two much larger indoor house plants, in matching white pots.

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The landing is a mezzanine that overlooks the open plan living area.

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In the master bedroom the decor is a little more dark and moody, like a cozy cocoon. Two understated wall sconces brighten the black stained wood over the headboard wall. 4 poster beds always add a sense of grandeur to a room and this simple black framed design is no exception. Inside the frame, an upholstered bed base and headboard bring us right back to that sense of cozy comfort again.

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Natural greenery works in tandem with other green-blue notes here in the bedroom scheme. A nest of tables are used as bedside units, with bedtime reading books casually stored underneath. Another instance of contemporary portrait art is propped on the entertainment unit beneath the TV.

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Even the walk-in wardrobe has a small succulent plant to carry the scattered botanical theme right through.

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A mirrored sliding door provides a full length reflection without taking up any precious wall space in the closet. Banks of shelving add additional storage opportunities at either end of the dressing table. A neat cube shaped dressing stool offers compact seating.

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Another instance of bold patterned tiling can be found in the bathroom, this time as flooring. From the ceiling, industrial style lighting descends in a random arrangement, fed by a maze of rustic piping.

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Another modern art print adds style to the bathroom.

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Large grey bathroom tiles back the shower, matching the grey of the concrete bathroom wall.

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On the adjacent wall, subtle pattern creates a traditional backdrop behind a contemporary freestanding bath tub. A simple tree stump holds the soap dispensers.

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A wall-hung vanity unit follows on with the warming wood tone.

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This grey bedroom is a less dramatic scheme than that of the master suite but the scheme still has plenty of impact thanks to a pairing of art print and wall mural.

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The guest bathroom has another wooden wall hung vanity, with a plant held by a Menu Willmann Vase.

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Wall decals add a splash of humour.

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Patterned tiles set the tone in the entryway.

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A brown couch in the home office matches the wood tone floors.

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The chrome table lamp is a detour from the black ceiling lights.

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