3 Homes with a Modern Botanical Vibe

3 Homes with a Modern Botanical Vibe

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When designing contemporary homes, the result can sometimes come off as a little synthetic-a million miles away from our natural roots. Modern interior design focuses on clean lines, edging toward a minimalistic aesthetic, so our dear old house plants get left out in the cold. Health benefits from spending time in nature are obvious. We’re more grounded and peaceful, finding clarity in our thoughts, and in the air that we breath. We cant always escape our city lives to reconnect with nature but we can bring a little bit of it into our home. These three contemporary homes show us how its done-the modern way.

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  • Visualizer: Thao Uyen
Our first modern botanical themed home not only brings the house plants back into the home but takes its colour palette from them too. A luscious leafy hue has been selected for the settee, knitted footstool and chevron rug.

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Two throw cushions have a bold frond print too.

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Out on the balcony limited space is no obstacle; a climbing plant adds a spray of greenery over the wall. Another leaf adorned pillow decorates a chair. The fresh green looks effective against contemporary geometric black and white prints.

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Every opportunity has been fulfilled in adding planting over in the dining area of the home. Two interior hanging baskets descend from the ceiling; a tall plant is seated on the floor; greenery adorns the table and a multitude of potted plants decorate the shelving unit on all different levels. Watering this indoor garden must be quite a task, trotting up and down the step ladders!

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The foliage that peppers the shelves breathes colour and life into the room. A woven wicker light shade and baskets tie in with the natural theme, as does the wooden tabletop and flooring.

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An entire jungle awaits in the kitchen. An unusual mural of tropical plants spans the wall, fronted by a couple of real living plants, with leaves reaching down from the highest shelf. The tile flooring is of a modern geometric style but ties in with the colours from the scene. A set of natural wooden wall hooks are dotted nearby.

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In the bedroom we find swathes of sunshine yellow.

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Natural sunlight washes in too, through the large windows that run the entire width of the room.

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There is a continuation in the use of wood tone in this room.

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The overall look is not quite as botanical as the rest of the home, but a scattering of potted plants can still be found decorating the headboard, footboard and the shelves that run around the desk area.

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A second bedroom bounces back to the green theme.

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Real plants must not be enough because even a picture of a potted plant is part of the decoration here!

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A deep green feature wall is balanced out with plenty of white.

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  • Visualizer: Thao Uyen
Our second home for nature lovers begins with a more pared back amount of indoor plants, with just a couple visible; one on the desk and one over on the unique coffee tables. However, a large set of glass sliding doors reveal a luscious collection in the courtyard beyond, where every bit of vertical space has been utilised for prolific planting.

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More potted plants decorate the entertainment unit below the television.

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The plants provide the strongest colour in the room. The healthy greenery stands out brilliantly against the cold concrete slab walls, subdued woodtone and slate grey furniture.

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The vivid leaves add interest to even the smallest nook.

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A simple Scandinavian workspace looks fresh and welcoming with presence of plants and a warm sheepskin rug.

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The grey kitchen is teamed with warm wooden accents–as well as a few casually placed plants of course.

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The bedroom too is a grey and wooden affair, with pit stops of yellow geometric pattern on the bedclothes and more glorious green foliage. The plants here are situated right by the bed, in direct line of sight by the TV and keeping company with the books in a narrow shelving unit.

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The bedroom balcony creates a blurred indoor-outdoor environment.

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  • Visualizer: Who Cares?! Design
Botanical home number three utilises a greater amount of warming woodtone than the previous two designs.

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The wood in the floor, backsplash, shelving and furniture has been paired with expanses of brilliant gallery white to maintain a crisp contemporary look.

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The planting here can be found dotted around many levels of the home, from floor to ceiling.

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The most unusual spot for the indoor house plants can be found up on top of a partially dividing wall. A bespoke planting trough is fashioned directly into the structure.

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On the other side of the dividing wall, we see that the planter can be accessed from a mezzanine bedroom. A roof lantern bathes the bed in sunlight–a great and natural way to wake up in the morning. It would also be an awesome way to stargaze as you fall asleep at night, under the cozy comfort of your duvet.

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In the bathroom, white strip lighting attached to a wall of wooden shelving puts a bright glow across the collections of home accessories and pot plants. The eye-catching effect is reminiscent of a high-end department store or perfumery.

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