Minimalist Layout With Quirky Twists And Patterns

Minimalist Layout With Quirky Twists And Patterns

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Each of the rooms in this modern Minsk apartment, located in Belarus, have their own sophisticated mid to dark colour palette. Designed by Zrobym Architects, the room schemes are simple but come textured with pattern: furniture upholstery, graphic rugs, sculptural chairs and feature walls all come together to add personality and a touch of frivolity. Whilst the clean contemporary furniture and crisp lines of this interior lean toward the minimalist aesthetic, the discoveries of interesting prints, textures and unusual accessories add in a refreshingly quirky twist. Come and admire the giant pendant light, coloured neon tubes and funky floor level furniture for a fresh take on modern minimalism.

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In the dark grey living room, the scheme is dominated by a large chimney painted in an auburn hue. A glass fireplace screen allows the flame to be enjoyed from two sides. In front of the modern fireplace sits a selection of floor level seating that adds a first touch of pattern and a delicate shade of pink to the scheme. An even lower coffee table holds a globe lamp.

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The round charcoal coloured coffee table sits on top of a rug made of various textured sections to provide a graphic look. Beyond the fireplace, the side of the staircase cuts through the visual in an auburn diagonal line.

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Outer posts on the chimney breast have a linear textured surface to add extra interest to the room’s focal point.

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The kitchen-diner, at the other side of the open plan living room, is decorated in smooth shades of grey and light wood tone. In this space the most eye-catching pattern is the three-dimensional swirls that form the backrests of six modern dining chairs. The dining table runs directly off a central kitchen island, and ends in a recessed shelving unit that has been accessorised in a minimal fashion. A couple of small leafy plants and a vase of fern leaves decorate the surfaces of the cooking and dining spaces, beneath an uncomplicated pendant light.

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In the hallway, an enormous circular mirror just about covers all of one wall. Just enough room is left at one end to situate a couple of cube stools. A ceiling strip light and a neat white wall sconce throw light over the mirror’s silver surface, and highlight the edges of a glass vase on the mirror’s shelf.

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A selection of wall hooks and a wall shelf provide a tidy place to hang coats and set down bags on entering through the front door. A vertical anthracite radiator squeezes in the gap between the custom coat rack and an interior door. Around the corner, a pink neon light illuminates a nook, adding a little mystery and intrigue.

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The home office is also decorated in grey. A shallow desk has been custom built to fit wall to wall without the need for support legs. The ergonomic desk chair, looking out over a view of green fields, is the Sayl Task Chair from Herman Miller. In the bathroom, the grey palette has been teamed with a beautiful soft pink – made edgy by the introduction of a further pink neon tube light. A pink partition wall and a pink pedestal basin are accompanied by a pink towel ladder to complete the interior rule of three.

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The blue bedroom scheme resides mainly in one corner of the room, made up by a slatted blue feature wall design and floor length curtain at the adjacent window. The solid blue accent chair and matching footstool could double up as a comfortable reading chair in its location below a large wall sconce. A blue side table with a gold ornament completes the vignette. In the centre of the room the decor becomes a lot more beige, with only a circular leaf print rug to ring in a vibrant pink and blue colour combo.

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The ensuite master bathroom continues on the blue colour journey, with a blue and white wall mounted vanity unit.

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A chirpy little Eames bird sits on top of a small bedroom cabinet beside a floor mirror. A swing arm wall lamp casts light over a headboard harboring tucked away book storage shelves.

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A second bedroom has a pretty scalloped edge headboard in pale coral, beside a simple grey comfortable chair and floor reading lamp.

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Subtle geometric pattern fills a section of space above the unusually shaped headboard, whist a small wall sconce lights a tray table at its base. On the opposite side of the room, an elliptical desk holds a designer table lamp.

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The child’s room has a toddler bed raised on a platform base that spans the length of the floor. Storage drawers are situated beneath the platform to stow away toys and clothing.

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A tiny but highly stylish kids’ drawing desk is situated in front of blue spot wallpaper.

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The family bathroom holds twin vanities made of concrete. The luxurious bathtub is centre stage at the top of a climb of wooden steps.

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An upstairs living room is nestled around a humongous pendant light shade that would make even the tallest adult feel like the size of a small child as they lounge beneath it on the low-level sofa or chair. Pattern appears over the console unit to one side, and another Eames bird hops into view on the surface of a small round coffee table.

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