Grey Based Decor With Warming Accent Colours

Grey Based Decor With Warming Accent Colours

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Be guided through three inspirational home interior tours that use accents of sumptuous teal, autumnal shades of brown or one multicoloured blast in order to bring life and warmth to a plain grey decor scheme. The three modern homes also harbour bespoke storage solutions that could be adapted to many different styles and sizes of home. Flush-fit cupboards along a lounge, glass crockery cabinets that skim the ceiling line of a dining room, plus hallway storage that doubles as a dressing room. Top this off with modern lighting schemes and statement pendants, fresh and fabulous kitchens, a cool contemporary fireplace installation and unique TV wall decor.

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  • Visualizer: Tatyana Polyakova
Our first interior is a contemporary apartment painted in a smooth mid-grey tone that edges toward the blue end of the spectrum. The blue tinged grey tone has been selected to complement teal accent furniture and soft furnishings, like the winged accent chair and floor length window drapes.

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The sofa fabric is light grey so as not to overdo the blue in the scheme.

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The teal accent chair stands in front of bespoke fitted units that feature a bookcase niche. The cupboard doors are an unusual combination of natural walnut and whitewashed wood. Two white wall clocks match the lighter volumes. The mid century modern clock to the right is the AJ Bankers wall clock designed by Arne Jacobsen.

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A deep shelf runs the length of a wood slatted TV wall. The shelf is chamfered at each end to make way for TV soundsticks. Indoor plants brighten the look of the room.

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In the centre of the open plan kitchen, a round glass dining table reflects the natural light from a large window.

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Opening a cupboard door in the hallway reveals a hidden seat below a coat hanging rail.

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Beige wall art and sofa cushions lift the grey scheme. Two parts of a sectional sofa are joined by a small side table set at their centre. An irregular shaped coffee table has a marbled top, which complements the swirling grain of the TV wall decor.

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The TV wall is a unique installation that divides the lounge from the view of the kitchen. A letterbox shaped niche has been set low in the frame to hold a clock and other knick-knacks.

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A large blue-grey pendant shade crowns the dining area, where russet brown dining chairs surround a white rectangular table.

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From the dining room we can see that a modern fireplace with a double aspect separates the lounge from the hallway.

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A bespoke bank of glass units flank the dining suite, wall mounted with their base at kitchen bench height and their tops touching the ceiling. Crockery and wine glasses are displayed across the shelves.

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The kitchen design is simple and open on a textured grey backdrop.

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A log store is cut into one side of the modern feature fireplace, which divides the grey chimney breast from a beige kitchen.

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In the kitchen, it becomes apparent that the dividing wall that is the TV wall in the lounge is also used as a stem on which to place a bank of kitchen larder units and integrated appliances.

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Bespoke storage units are fitted right into the eaves to maximise space.

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An open fronted closet is set behind the chimney breast.

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Clean grey and white decor receives no extra coloured accents in the bathroom.

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A home office is accented in blue and brown.

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  • Visualizer: Sergey Makhno and Artem Meshchankin
Our next private apartment, located in Ukraine, Kiyv, is a completely grey affair except for one very obvious accent. A large round multicolour rug dominates the living room. An orb shade floor lamp echoes the rugs dominant round shape.

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Behind the lounge there is a tall shelving unit that holds a couple of red kitchen accessories, which pick out a tone from the bright rug.

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A designer table lamp tops a low storage unit behind the sofa. In front of the sofa, one entire wall has been kitted out with cabinets that can be harnessed for media storage, an overspill of best crockery from the kitchen diner and other oversized surplus from around the home.

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LED lighting strips edge the shelves and backsplash in the kitchen diner.

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Large deer themed artwork adorns one white wall. On the table, twigs in a glass vase echo the shape of the antlers.

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An undermount rectangular kitchen sink gives the countertop a sharp finish.

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The white bathroom has the same pale granite finish over one entire wall and across the floor. A wall mounted vanity unit spans the width of the room, running from a built-in shower cubicle to a modern toilet with concealed cistern.

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Storage units have been designed to line the length of the hallway.

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Amongst the units there is a coat closet that’s been left open fronted with a hanging rail on one side. In the other half of the installation, a makeup vanity with a huge mirror has been constructed. A dressing table stool is nestled beneath, where underlighting makes the unit look clean and elegant. Slender struts support the weight of the cabinets off the floor.

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