4 Green Decor Schemes That Help You Feel Closer To Nature

4 Green Decor Schemes That Help You Feel Closer To Nature

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You don’t have to go heavy on a botanical theme of leaves and tropical prints in order to feel closer to nature. By simply incorporating just the colour green it is possible to feel that innate connection with nature, and conjure up the deep peace and fresh vitality of the grassy countryside or lush leafy tropics. These four green interiors all use green decor schemes in their own way, in various shades that equal different results. We look at two crisp interiors that splash green accents into cool grey and white backdrops, whilst the other two bring in volumes of warming wood tone to mellow the finished look.

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  • Architect: Kolem Architecture
Green apartment interior number one is found in the residential complex ‘Element’, in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The home has an area of 37.1 square metres, and features a modern open plan living space.

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We can see right off the bat that the interior incorporates shades of green into every zone. Green scatter cushions bring colour to a grey sofa in the lounge; green base units stripe across the kitchen; a glass wall bedroom reveals a green painted accent wall.

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The strong green shade of the kitchen cabinets give the small kitchen a bold look. White larder units and wall cupboards balance out the dark hue. Four green dining chairs take the theme into the eating area, which has a small indoor plant as its centrepiece. There may not be a garden attached to this apartment for al fresco dining, but the room palette and accessories can certainly evoke the fresh green ambience of the great outdoors.

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Even the hallway of the home receives the green treatment, with one long wall painted in the accent colour.

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  • Visualizer: Valido Architects
A single green cushion brings the hue to the modern sofa in our second home tour in Kiev, Ukraine. At the window a heavy green curtain matches the scatter cushion on the sofa; it also complements green hilly views from beyond the glass. A unique white floor lamp dresses the other end of the large window. See other beautiful ideas for floor lamps here.

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One round modern coffee table sits atop a circular area rug in the lounge. The glossy white tabletop is conveniently set with glasses and a carafe.

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Pale shades of grey run through the 62.3 square metre interior.

  • 8 |
An unusual wall light looks more like a piece of modern art.

  • 9 |
Granite tiles provide an attractive setting for a wall mounted tv. LED strip lights illuminate the edges.

  • 10 |
A bespoke reading nook has been fashioned out of green cabinets and grey seat cushions.

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Frosted glass doors behind the sofa reveal a grey kitchen. A cluster of white dining pendant lights swing over a green dining set.

  • 12 |
A green curtain pools beside the dining table.

  • 14 |
Sweeping grassy views haze through tall windows. The green drapes, glass vase, and dining chairs echo the hue of the faraway scene.

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Grey granite patterns the kitchen backsplash. See more grey kitchens here.

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Grey granite tiles floor the green hallway.

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Inside the bathroom, raw concrete walls and a grey toilet give the space an edgy look.

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Use a materials mood board to plan your own green and grey interior inspiration.

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  • Visualizer: Alexander Savinov
This green themed apartment in Moscow has an area of 37 square metres. It also has a beautiful visual warmth that comes from elements of rustic wood grain, like this casual dining peninsula and kitchen bar stools. In the living room, a tiny sofa fits the compact space. The coffee table looks to be a one that can be adjusted in height to become a dining table like this one.

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On the opposite wall, the tv wall decor incorporates elements of wood tone too.

  • 21 |
Librarian ladders can be slid along their rail to gain access to high storage cupboards above the doorway. The ladders also double as decorative shelving, with gaps left for footholds.

  • 22 |
The kitchen peninsula has a slatted design to help the small living space appear more spacious.

  • 23 |
Sage green cabinets colour the kitchen.

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The wall cabinets are finished in misty grey so as not to overwhelm the small kitchen with too much strong colour.

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Modern closets provide generous storage by the front door.

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  • Visualizer: Maige Studio
The final design is a cracking green and yellow vision, teamed with monochrome and dark wood accents.

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A green accent chair pops in front of a deep brown wall of granite and wood. See more great accent chairs here.

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The wood wall is part of the kitchen installation which fills the rest of the room length.

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A dining room is set out on the other side of a green volume that forms the core of the living space. Chunky dining room pendant lights visually anchor the table in its position.

  • 31 |
The vivid green ‘core’ of the room is lit around its ceiling perimeter, which casts a dramatic glow down its cladding.

  • 32 |
A similar ambient glow illuminates the bedroom, where the scheme is predominantly light wood tone, and orange hued wall art.

  • 33 |
Soft grey furnishings and gallery white decor lets the artwork sing.

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The luxury bathroom is a vision of white marble and smooth wood accents. A huge vanity mirror teams with a wall mounted white and wood vanity. A wooden towel ladder makes a simple accessory to a luxe freestanding tub.

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Sliding glass doors open up the bedroom to the outdoor area.

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The dining room too becomes an almost al fresco space.

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The beautiful tropical green hued volume at the centre of the living space appears as if it were part of the courtyard garden itself.

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