Interstellar, An Out Of This World Stylish Home Interior

Interstellar, An Out Of This World Stylish Home Interior

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‘Interstellar’, a project designed and visualised by ZARYSY, is unique interior design featuring deep green accents and an array of tones from the red spectrum. This home may not be literally set among the stars, but designer lights shine from dark ceilings to play with the feeling of space. The impressive home spans an area of 116 square metres, in which the main living areas come together as one free-flowing zone. Natural timber slatted walls cut through the darker shades in the decor scheme, adding moments of warmth, light, and texture. The characterful mix of furniture finishes and accessories give the modern place an enviably stylish yet welcoming homey feel.

  • 1 |
A dark grey ceiling climbs the top of a dramatic living room scheme with deep green and red accents. There are many elements to attract the eye in this creative layout, but it is perhaps a bottle green painted slatted room divider that truly commands the room.

  • 2 |
More slatted panels cover the wall behind a modern sofa, but this they showboat in natural wood tone.

  • 3 |
Scatter cushions bring green accent colour to the grey sofa. Indoor plants spread emerald touches around the room.

  • 4 |
A modern chandelier glows like Saturn’s rings up in the ceiling space. Small spotlights shine pinpricks of starlight into the corners.

  • 5 |
Wooden pegs protrude through the green slatted feature wall to make a shelf above the tv, which can be used to display small pieces of art.

  • 6 |
A red pouf has been given a wood top to make a modern coffee table. A smaller grey pouf can be used as a footstool or as a seat to pull up close to the fireside.

  • 7 |
The green wall is a room divider between the lounge and a generously sized kitchen diner.

  • 8 |
A linear cacti planter runs the length of a modern wood dining table.

  • 9 |
Eight black dining chairs run the length of the wood table, providing a sharp, modern contrast of colour.

  • 10 |
White dining room pendant lights hang from the dark dining room ceiling, brightly lighting the full length of the eating area.

  • 11 |
Interstellar artwork fills this side of the green dividing wall. An accent rug beneath the dining table has a circular design to echo the spherical spectacle.

  • 12 |
More slatted panels lead into the open plan kitchen design.

  • 13 |
These panels morph into wood slat kitchen cabinets. An integrated black oven gives away the presence of the camouflaged units.

  • 14 |
A narrow black shelf cuts across the wood wall on the opposite side of the room.

  • 15 |
A black kitchen island with hob stands in the centre space. The cooker hood is tucked up into a soffit out of sight.

  • 16 |
One side of the kitchen island is used as a coffee bar.

  • 17 |
A rack of cooking oils descends above the kitchen island.

  • 19 |
The cooking island overlooks the dining area, so that the chef can remain part of the dinner party even between courses.

  • 21 |
The modern fireplace in the living room curves around the corner to face the reading nook, making this a really cosy spot.

  • 23 |
Double workspaces take up the length of wall opposite the sofa. Cabinets fill the area above the long desk to provide plenty of storage space for office supplies.

  • 24 |
Geometric tiles provide an attractive backdrop behind the dual work area. A terrazzo panel hangs above the sofa to bring colour and pattern to the other side of the room.

  • 25 |
An open riser staircase climbs to the upper floor, in a bold black and wood design that’s set against a soft blush painted wall.

  • 26 |
The home entryway is decorated with pops of dark red. Red hexagonal tiles cluster beneath a single red pouf. A red circle has been painted onto the ceiling directly above it to echo its shape, and to form a modern ceiling rose for a contemporary pendant light.

  • 27 |
Green slatted bifold doors reveal hallway storage.

  • 28 |
Red and gold make decadent accents inside the master bedroom design.

  • 29 |
A wood platform bed and bedside cabinets tone with timber slatted walls.

  • 30 |
A ring ceiling light glows against a pitch black ceiling.

  • 31 |
Inside a powder room, a pink vanity unit and pink wall cabinets add personality to a grey and wood decor scheme.

  • 32 |
Unusual bathroom vanity lighting directs illumination over the sink and pink countertop.

  • 33 |
Marbled pattern crosses a bathroom feature wall.

  • 34 |
The master bathroom is home to a modern freestanding tub and a walk in shower unit.

  • 36 |
Red and white hexagonal tiles pattern the floor.

  • 37 |
A long black and gold ottoman rests just outside the glass shower screen. Dark geometric tiles back the shower enclosure.

  • 38 |
White diamond tiles make up the wet wall inside a smaller shower room.

  • 39 |
The vanity unit in here echoes the design used the master bathroom setup, but this time with only one vessel basin. A wooden bench provides a seat inside the shower enclosure.

  • 40 |
Wood panels clad the majority of the small bathroom.

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