An Eclectic Minimalist Apartment

An Eclectic Minimalist Apartment

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The eclectic minimalist interior of this 135 square meter apartment has a dramatic dark colour scheme, designed and visualised by ZOOI Interior studio. Based in Kiev, the design was created for a German-born American businessman who wished to showcase the plus points of his historic home. Loft-living style elements would also be introduced to the interior whilst attaining a modern cosy feel. After considering the replanning options, the owner decided with designers Maxim Doschinsky and Pavelo Voytov that the kitchen, living room and corridor would combine in an open plan living space with the new kitchen being only a small part of the footprint. There would also be a master bed, guest room, bathroom and shower room.

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Black painted wall panelling, exposed brick, and dark grey soft furnishings join together to make a sophisticated eclectic living room with a minimalist vibe. Cool floor lamps throw light over the compilation of textures, and at orange accent cushions and wall art.

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The fire tones artwork is actually painted directly onto the wall panelling in the dark living room, where it casually overlaps the raised decorative molding.

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A modern fireplace blazes next to the door of the living room. It is bedded into a raised metal stand that matches it to the media unit on the opposite side of the door.

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The position of the fireplace puts it between the lounge area and the kitchen diner in the open plan space. The peach-pink kitchen melds with the colour of the exposed brickwork along the window wall.

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The three large dining room pendant lights are Normann Copenhagen Bell pendants. The different coloured light shades make for an eclectic feel, as does the mix-and-match dining chair selection – however, by sticking to the same silhouette it has been possible to maintain the uncomplicated minimalist message too.

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A single decorative vase makes a quiet table centrepiece in amongst plain white flatware.

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An integrated oven interrupts the pink kitchen cabinets. A black open shelving unit spans the adjacent wall space. The kitchen worktops form a U-shaped kitchen arrangement that includes a gas hob and a sink that is smoothly integrated into the counter.

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The peninsula kitchen bench is used as a casual eating area. Industrial style lighting dangles from a bar above it, strung along its length. Although the kitchen area is compact and simplified, the functionality of the space has not been compromised

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The entrance corridor, which leads into the open plan living room, has been given a warm and spacious look by implementing a series of light wooden panels over the walls and wood planks on the floor. Two narrow mirrors on either side of the internal doorway help to brighten the area too.

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A seating area has been included within the hallway storage units, located right next to the door as a place to put shoes on and off.

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Storage cabinets are hidden in a black wall just outside of the master bedroom.

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The master bedroom has a green and grey decor scheme, with much of its colour coming from a dark green painted wall that is textured by brickwork; perimeter lighting accentuates the character of the original wall. Indoor plants add further lush green touches to the room.

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Pale grey boiserie decorates the outside of a dressing room volume at one side of the bedroom. A portiere can be drawn across when required.

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By day, the home workspace is in perfect proximity to a picture window for natural light. The black gloss desk reflects the daylight and matches with a comfortable monochrome desk chair. The positioning of the desk points it toward the tv at the foot of the bed.

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Two modern plant stands decorate the blank space below the wall mounted tv.

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Inside the dressing room, white closets and beige walls give it a spacious feel.

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A picture window fills the generously sized dressing room with natural daylight. A sofa nestles below a set of deep wooden wall shelves that can be used for storing garments or linens.

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A bank of shelving was installed to take care of the towel storage. A cabinet below the shelves holds the overspill of bathroom supplies.

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A heated towel rail makes good use of an empty wall column between the shower enclosure and a nook for the bathtub. Each of the bathing options have been situated to capitalise on the windows in the room.

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More storage is hidden in the wall by the bathtub.

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The guest bedroom is home to another brickwork wall, this time painted black and struck through with white wall shelves. Grey furniture fills the room: A small grey sofa matches the grey bed, and a grey area rug covers most of the wood floor. Tan curtains trim the grey bedroom with a lighter note that matches the timber flooring. A large painting is propped on the floor, evoking a casual loft living style.

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A neat media unit matches the one out in the lounge.

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The guest shower room features a brightly colored modern wall painting, like the one that swirls inside the living room.

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