Single Bedroom Apartments Under 90sqm With Popping Blue Accents

Single Bedroom Apartments Under 90sqm With Popping Blue Accents

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Blue accents seem to transcend trends in decor. These two modern homes have been accented with blue hues on the brighter side of the spectrum to pick up the pace on white and pale grey neutrals. The energised blue accents shape chic yet edgy living rooms, accented with quirky art and unusual furniture pieces. We also take the tour into the bedroom and bathrooms of these stylish homes–one of which is an inspired centrally placed ensuite design held between glass walls. Stick around for the floor plans of these unique one bed apartments too, each measuring just under 90 square metres.

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  • Visualizer: Anna Sergeeva
Located in St. Petersburg, Russia, this apartment was designed for a 30 year old female homeowner. The owner plans to rent out the apartment in a couple of years, so a neutral palette made the most sense. There are, however, some electric blue accent pieces that breathe life and upbeat energy into the interior, like this geo coffee table and solo blue accent cushion on the modern sofa.

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There is also a blue accent wall, though this is awash with a more muted hue of blue with a grey undertone. A unique accent chair pairs up with the sofa to complete the compact lounge arrangement.

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Blue seat cushions pop in the dining area behind the lounge, disrupting a calm grey kitchen.

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A bank of storage cabinets occupy one side of the room…

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…The units conceal a home workspace with a bold blue lining. The accent chair from the lounge doubles up as a desk chair when required.

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In place of the obligatory TV, the focal point of this modern living room is a textured panel overlaid with contemporary artwork. Wall sconces accentuate the textured gypsum and showcase the paintings.

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Glamorous tiles lay down an impressive walkway and welcome wall in the home entryway.

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In the bedroom, light from a large window reflects in the glass orb shades of a modern sputnik chandelier.

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A blush pink floral arrangement brings a touch of sweet romance to the scheme.

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Edgy artwork offsets the softer side of the room scheme. Heavy grey drapes fall at a large window and balcony doors.

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A botanical splashback grows at a modern bathroom vanity, scattering green fronds behind a round wall mirror.

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White marble tiles stop at half height around the room, struck through with grey and golden vein. A natural rattan laundry basket draws out the warmer tones.

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Apartment floor plan.

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This 85 square metre apartment is located in the historical part of Kharkov, Ukraine. It was created for a client who works in the field of design and architecture. The owner decided the layout, and set out project criteria for functionality and maximum architectural purity of space.

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  • Visualizer: Studio Open
Multiple windows pull in natural light and add a sense of spaciousness. Blue sofas and side tables have been moved away from the edge of the room to amplify the effect, instead amassing as an island in the centre of the floor.

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Each side table stands snugly within the elbow of sectional chaises and backrests. The layout is pared back and pure, determined primarily by its functionalism.

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One piece that does hug the wall is a decorative Volta Stockholm Mobile, created by Otxo and Mario Conti. These timeless mobiles are built in Barcelona, born from metal and steel.

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Since the apartment building has a classic facade, stylised architectural motifs have been used to add character to the interior.

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The metallic base of a pedestal dining table shimmers a luxe effect.

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A modern dining table pendant light drops from a traditional ceiling rose.

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Ultra modern dining chairs introduce a quirky silhouette.

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A pure white kitchen falls quietly into the background of the living space.

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The apartment building is constructed with walls more than half a meter thick, which gives the interior a sense of solidity. This effect was further exaggerated by installing massive partition walls.

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White decor softens the geometry, along with notes of Mediterranean warmth.

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Unconventional artwork sets an off-beat tone in the bedroom, including an astronaut figurine by the bedside. The metallic headboard reflects light into the room and elegantly counteracts the quirkiness. A modern chandelier drops from decorative ceiling arches, which bounce from window wall to a glass wall dressing room and bathroom.

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A dissected KAWS statue injects neon colour into the bedroom scheme.

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Silver drapes draw back to reveal the ensuite.

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Half of the ensuite is home to a garment hanging rail, whilst the other contains an over-bath shower.

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The shower is a unique freestanding design.

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The bathroom has an unusual location in the centre of the apartment, which gives it a surreal sense of space. Moving a bathroom into a central position presents technical challenges with plumbing communications, which is why the bathroom has been raised on a podium.

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The bath stands dead centre, whilst a modern pedestal sink stands up against one glass wall.

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Matte white fixtures blend with the finish of the bathtub.

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An elliptical motif shapes both the full length dressing mirror and a modern vanity mirror.

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A small wooden stool brings the natural element to the bathroom.

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The hallway runs between the ensuite bathroom and a separate WC.

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Floor plan. The central location of the glass wall bathroom allows daylight to penetrate the narrow, windowless corridor.

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